In-house projects:

  1. Máni, hardware description language.
  2. Luna, FPGA architecture.

We support and/or collaborate on the following projects:

  1. Linux, modular Unix-like system kernel.
  2. SystemD, suite of basic building blocks for Linux-based systems.
  3. Qt, cross-platform software development for embedded & desktop.
  4. KDE, next generation desktop for Linux.
  5. openSUSE, Linux operating system for makers.

Projects that we are studying:

  1. Yosys, synthesis suite for various FPGAs.
  2. GHDL, simulator for the VHDL language.

Projects we have tremendous respect for that we hope to one day take part in:

  1. The OpenROAD Project, the attack on barriers of Cost, Expertise and Uncertainty (i.e., Risk) that block the feasibility of hardware design in advanced technologies.

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