openMÁNI is a registered non-profit organization with a focus on Open Logic.

openMÁNI seeks to establish a group of serious programmers to make and contribute to open-source projects across a broad spectrum of technologies. The organization will be funded by donations from private and public institutions, developers or open source entusiasts that whishes to contribute back to the open source community, that does not have the manpower or the knowledge to do so.

Open source projects

openMÁNI holds a list over pre-accepted projects, which anyone can donate towards. And those who donate will receive a monthly report over where their funds has been spent.

For clients that whises to support specific projects, which are not pre-accepted, can contact openMÁNI to find out if these projects can be accepted. There will be cases where openMÁNI can accept projects, but can't supply the manpower - or does not have the right skills to contribute in a meaningful way - then openMÁNI can offer to find and pull the right resources from freelance communities. openMÁNI will then manage these freelance resources and make sure that the funding is spent as intended and that the resources delivers the monthly reports of progression.

Custom projects

It is possible for a client to specify a unique project that they have started, owns or manage for openMÁNI to focus on, as long as they follow the criteria of The Open Source Definition. These projects must be evaluated by openMÁNI for acceptance and those projects that gives the most value to the general public will be choosen over other projects.

Internal accounting

Every full-time employee at openMÁNI has a flat yearly pay. This is equal for everyone, regardless of position and experience. This yearly pay is directly related to the average yearly earnings from Statistics Norway which currently is 587 600 NOK.

15% of every donation will go towards the in-house projects; Máni (Hardware Description Language) and Luna (Field-Programmable Gate Array).

Revenues will be calculated yearly and any excess can go two ways - to either:

  1. New employees.
  2. Other open source projects.

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